Wednesday, June 30, 2010


...stands for heart and kidney unit, where Joey now is. He's now out of the ICU!!! We're so excited about it, because he had to make significant progression to make it here. He now only has an NG tube for feeding and stick-on heart leads. It's amazing how empty his monitor is...only 4 lines instead of the 13 he had last week. (In fact, one of the four wasn't important enough back then so a full 10 monitors had been taken off!) He's breathing completely on his own -- no machine assist at all!

His next steps will be to continue weaning his meds, but most importantly remembering how to eat. It will be so awesome when he gets there. Obviously, he is still running the show, and everything is on his timeline, but he could potentially be released this weekend if everything goes stellarly. Saturday will be three full weeks on the inside; it would be nice to not have to extend it!


  1. Hurrah! I'll pray hard this week that little Joey gets to go home to his family on Saturday.

    I hope you don't mind, but I'd love to share this blog with mine and Mr. Love's Carmelite Community. So many people have prayed hard for your son. Everyone will be delighted to learn how the Lord has started to bless your son with better health.

  2. Feel free! We set up a blog since it's public. Everyone can see it.