Friday, July 2, 2010

EAT, Joey, Eat!

Eating is a major concern after surgery for almost everyone but especially for the little babies! The major goal for right now is EAT, Joey, Eat! Let's fatten you up and get you home!

There are special concerns after ECMO, since the cannulas sit against the mucles for the tongue and jaw, leaving possible problems with the "suck/swallow" reflex. Yesterday we got to try a bottle for the first time, and he did GREAT! NO problems whatsoever with the bottle (of breastmilk) and he seemed to really enjoy it, actually. The problem arose when it was all gone. Poor Little Guy, I hate that part, too. They are alternating bottle and bolus through the naso-gastric (NG) tube. All sustinance right now is fortified breastmilk for extra calories and protein.

Unfortunately, while he loved the eating part, his stomach did not like the being full part, and he has vomited almost everything that goes in. They are slowing down his bolus feeds, and we took last night off from bottle trials just to make things gentle and easy on him. As one of our favorite CICU docs said, "He's a little sensitive." When he can keep the food down we'll try feeding with the bottle again, and gradually increase that as tolerated.

The goal for going home (YES! I JUST USED THE PHRASE "GOING HOME!") is for Joey to tolerate full quantity from a bottle and breast. I will still most likely end up alternating fortified breastmilk and nursing for a little while.

Please pray his stomach settles down and he can EAT well! It's amazing to me that it's the biggest obstacle to bringing my baby home! All that he's been through, and I'm starting to finally imagine having him HOME again!

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