Tuesday, July 6, 2010

He's eating more...

Sorry for the lack of updates, but Joey is less sensational now-a-days.  He's still healing like a champ, and his final inpatient hurdle is to master the art of eating.  He still has an NG tube through his nose to his stomach (the orange one in the picture), and for Sunday and Monday, he began every other feeding with a bottle of fortified milk (to give the breastmilk more calories) followed up by the rest through the NG tube.  This way, he gets the full amount every time, but he's encouraged to eat himself and expand his tummy.  Today, the big breakthrough is that he starts every feeding with a bottle.  Yeah, I know, not horribly exciting, but it is a step closer.  It's hard to imagine that three weeks ago today, he had his first surgery and then decompensated almost to the point of death...  A few more bottle feedings is hardly blog-worthy, but at the same time, I'm happy that it's not more "intereresting". :)

If all goes well today, and I think it did, then tomorrow they'll take out the NG tube, and assuming all goes well again, he'll be discharged Thursday or Friday.  It's amazing that we have a timeline.  They've been prepping us with discharge instructions and all that... wow.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers!

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