Hospital Pictures (not for the squeamish!)

Joey after being put on ECMO. You can see the blood flowing in the tubes.  This was his first really stable period, which is why Kate is smiling. :) Wed. 6/16
You can see he's all puffed up here from all the fluid they pumped into him to try to keep his blood pressure up.  It worked, luckily, because they were almost out of options. Wed. 6/16
Another view of the same time.

They're deflating him.  He's getting fluid taken out of his blood and given medicine to make him pee.  He did. Friday (6/18)
More deflated with all his lines in. Friday as well.
Kate with him before his ECMO was removed.
Kate cleaning him after his ECMO was removed.  The nurse let us in early and Kate got to use some of her mad nursing skills.
Friday 6/25.  He's much thinner now, and everything is off of him except the ventilator.  He's looking so much better!
Same time.  Look at how skinny he is!!!