Thursday, April 17, 2014

Joey Is

Joey the 3 year old. Joey - the THREE YEAR OLD! 

He's active!

Loves to play soccer, and can drop-kick a ball (since he was 2) and is doing a great job keeping up with the normal activity level of the 4-year-old team crowd. He also is trying desperately to learn to ride his tricycle, but his short little legs just won't cooperate.  He was asked what his favorite sports are, and he listed basketball, soccerball (his word), baseball, and football.  This spring he is already practicing hitting a baseball out of his own hand.

He's Silly!

Oh the silly grins. Oh the impsh giggles. OH the way his eyes dance when he laughs!  Joey loves to be silly, and he loves to make others laugh. Give him a chance and he loves to sneak up and "tickle tickle tickle!"   He really understands humor, laughing at jokes and making up his own.

He's a Little Brother!

Of course, he gets just as much enjoyment from harassing his big sisters!  He loves to push them to their limits with his silly antics, terrorize their games, and irritate them - and then giggle, run up to give them hugs, and wrestle, er, kiss them.

He's a BIG Brother!

Joey loves his little brother!  When the baby WAS a BABY, Joey was gentle and sweet, calm and helpful. He would insist on holding "my baby" and giving him the pacifier, singing, shushing, and kissing.  Now that "Baby" is 2 - and giving Joey a run-for-his-money!  Joey loves having a brother to swordfight, wrestle, and play cars and trucks. Of course, there is plenty competition between them and they show love very, uh, physically.

He's Smart!

Joey knows his colors and shapes, letters, and counting rather well.  He loves early-reader shows almost as much as he loves having us read to him!  His big sisters make fun games out of having him practice pre-school skills, and he loves the attention he gets as he answers correctly and learns new things.

He's Stubborn!

That "Rocky-Fighter" attitude that helped him fight for his life oh-so-long ago has persisted, and he is tough. Of course, that means that when he says "I will use the potty when I am 4" he actually really means it. I have tried every bribe and incentive and praise under the sun, and he is NOT having it.  Just as an example.
But Joey is equally as sensitive, too. He has a tender disposition, which makes him a bit sensitive to being teased.

We "visited" our favorite cardiologist yesterday for his check-up. Standard procedure, every 6 months, and you know what? He's doing GREAT!  His heart is working beautifully through all the growth and activity. His pressure gradients over both valves are staying steady! His leak (aortic insufficiency) is steady and mild/moderate.  His ventricle has grown to meet demands without over-expanding!   Truly our miracle boy!

Oh how we love him, our Joseph Thomas!

...and.... now that I finally wrote this, he's ALMOST FOUR!!!!!!


  1. Love my buddy!!! GOOOO JOEY!

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