Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Joseph Thomas makes his debut

... with a bang!

For all those who have not already heard, we had an adorable baby boy, Joseph Thomas Tramma, born June 4th. He was a healthy little infant who was acclimating to the excess snuggles and kisses from his sisters and loving every second of it. Well, mostly - I'm not sure he cared for the close encounters with a wrestling 18-month-old Anastasia...

Last week he began to have more and more trouble breathing. An x-ray revealed an enlarged heart, and an echocardiogram confirmed 3 separate cardiac defects. He is now at Children's Hospital in Washington DC, and will undergo surgery tomorrow (Tues) morning at 0730 to correct the first and most serious of the defects.

We are grateful that the newly ordained Fr Mick Kelly was able to baptize him a little after midnight Sunday morning, and his Godfather Andrew Bremberg was able to be there! Between his stubborn genes and the Grace of Baptism, Joey's a little Fighter!!!

We would greatly appreciate y'all's prayers both tomorrow for the surgery, but also in the recovery phase. We find such joy and comfort in the responses we have received already - thank God for our wonderful support system, and the power of prayer!!! We will try to update as much as possible.

Thank you ad God Bless!
In His Most Sacred Heart,
Kate and Patrick, Isabella, Anastasia, and Joey

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