Monday, June 28, 2010

Joey's off the Ventilator!

So yesterday, Sunday, they took a chest X-ray and it was cloudy. That means that his lungs are "moist" and have to work harder to exchange oxygen. Because of this, they upped his meds to make him pee more in order to "dry them out". They were already set to start doing some more invasive lung intervention today when it didn't work because it's been cloudy for almost a week now. However, when they x-rayed him this morning, it was miraculously all crystal clear! All of the medical staff were surprised and happy.

So, this afternoon, they tested him again, and then removed the breathing tube. He was great with it! He had to suffer through Roddick loosing in the 5th set without making a sound and wanted to cheer with his aunt the Brazilian blowout of Chile. It was removed during halftime and he was able to squeak cheers out for the 3rd goal. :)

They're not positive that he'll stay off the ventilator because his heart small, so that it still has to work hard to pump the blood. Time is the only medicine for that. Obviously, we hope that this doesn't happen, but even if it does, it doesn't mean that he's backsliding.

We're all happy here for this, and Bella and Anastasia were their usual hooligans during mass tonight. Thanks for the prayers and we look forward to the day when we have three kids at mass again!

We're honored to be in all y'all's thoughts and prayers,
Pat, Kate, Bella, Anastasia, and Joey "Rocky" Tramma


  1. We love your little hooligans at Mass! Please don't ever not bring them, they save us adults from the severe malady of "TS"...terminal seriousness. Fr. Cavanaugh at FUS gave a homily on the dangers of "TS", I think of that homily everyday. So we all look forward to the day when Joey can join us on Monday nights. Pax et bonum.
    Terri Jackson

  2. Praise the Lord! We need three kids at the regular pool parties!