Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Joey and the Ventilator

Joey hit a bit of a wall today trying to come off the ventilator. He passed the challenge earlier today, which means they basically turn the machine off and let him breathe on his own. He did fine with that, but when it came time to take it out, he had troubles breathing. They left it out for a few hours, while he still struggled without the help, and then put the tube back in this evening. It's really disappointing to see him get stuck like that, but everyone assures us that it's quite normal. They put the tube back in and gave him a breathing treatment, and he's breathing like a champ again!

He's also having pain med withdrawals from the meds he got during his recovery time from the two procedures and coming off ECMO. My little boy has tons of needle sticks since his veins are small and it's hard to put lines in him, and he's getting methadone. We'll have to remind him when he's a teenager that his body doesn't handle narcotics very well!

Keep up the prayers! He'll rest tomorrow and continue to heal, and then they'll try again on Friday to take the tube out.

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