Friday, June 18, 2010

More about Joseph

Our Little Man is doing well today, Praise God!

Yesterday was VERY scary for us, as he underwent a very risky procedure to correct his aortic valve stenosis. Basically, the valve that allows the blood flow to the rest of his body was very small and hardened, and they needed to open it up with a little balloon. In the adult world this is a relatively minor procedure, but when the whole heart is the size of a walnut (!) well, it is very scary. Also, he is still on the bypass machine which further complicates matters. However, once again Joey showed us what a fighter he is! The doc went in with a very serious look on his face and returned several hours later with a smile! He will face many more of these over the next few months and years. Patrick asked the doc if he had a "frequent flyer punch card" but the doc told him there was no free coffee at the end. That's okay - I'll just take my son home, thanks.

Joey's goal for today is to continue to get more fluid off his lungs and out of the rest of his body as much and as quickly as possible. Once he is stable and dry they can begin weaning from the ECMO!!! Hopefully starting tonight!!! A complication he faces right now is because of the blood thinner (Heparin) he has to be on for the machine is causing a small bleed in his brain. Right now it is very small and contained, but the sooner he can ditch the machine and heparin, the sooner they can clot. Please pray they don't get any worse in the meantime!

Patrick and I are doing okay, thanks for all who've asked. We are trying to balance our time here with Joey and going home to see the girls and sleep in a bed. It is not easy, but as with all things we take it with faith. A HUGE thanks for the phone calls and meals, and as always ESPECIALLY the prayers.
I will try to answer any questions if you are interested, and will try to continue to update as often as possible.

Thanks and God Bless,
Pat, Kate, Bella, Anastasia, and Joey

St. Joseph, pray for him!

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