Wednesday, October 13, 2010


And there is it, folks. I think *hope* you can read the different labels. This is a very simplified drawing to give a basic idea of Joey's different defects.

Today's Surgery was to close the ginormous VSD ("hole") right there in the center. They took a patch to cover the hole, using a synthetic material. Dr. Sinha then removed the PA band to open up his pulmonary artery (PA). This could have, but did not require a graft to help keep it open.

The surgery was full of potential serious complications, including dangerous rhythms requiring artificial pacing if the stitching ticked off the electrical circuit, but when they started Joey's heart back up it went into a nice sinus rhythm the way it should. Other than the obvious risks with the bypass itself, this was the most serious lasting risk, and so far Joey has avoided it!

Also, when the hole is closed it forces the heart to accept higher pressures, which can compromise his aortic valve function. Remember that aortic valve and how much we love it? They were able to get a really good look (I mean, they were right inside there after all) and verified that the stenosis is significant and it is leaky. We will deal with that later. For right now it seems to be tolerating the pressure changes well!

The next 24-48 hours are still very touchy for our Little Rocky. Mostly thanks to that valve his heart has quite an adjustment to make. Also, the dangerous tachycardia could surface anytime in the next few days. For right now we are THRILLED and so so thankful that Joey came through the surgery and all necessary interventions were successful!!!

While Joey was in surgery and we had several hours to spend, we were able to donate blood here at CNMC and also attend Mass. God is so good, the timing was perfect and the Graces were flowing. St. Callistus, I have never thought about you before, but I am thanking you on your feast day now!

St. Joseph, Pray for Joey


  1. Praise God! So glad everything went so well. Continued prayers for Joey.

  2. Go Rocky! I'm so glad the surgery part is over. Lots more prayers coming in for you all!