Sunday, October 17, 2010

New room!

So Joey did well overnight, and they're going to move him to the stepdown unit today! Woo Hoo! There are a certain number of things that have to happen to move to the stepdown unit: can't be on a respirator, or high-flow breating, he can't need an arterial line, can't have a wound drainage tube or catheter, etc. He was already doing well enough to "qualify for" the stepdown unit when I got back to the hospital yesterday, but they try not to move them before 72 hrs. post-op.

Everything is going wonderfully! We'll keep you all up to date!

Thanks for the prayers!!


  1. Rock on fo a complication-free hospital stay!!! I'm so happy and relieved. We'll keep up the prayers up here!

  2. Updates! Updates! What? So you think you can draw us in with Joey's scary heart surgery drama and then not tell us about his boring, mundane life in the step-down unit? :-)