Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home at Last

It was a beautiful, albeit surreal, experience leaving the hospital with our Joey on Sunday Wednesday. (Kate hasn't been sleeping too much recently...)

After the drama surrounding his cardiac cath in early September, we were mentally prepared for the long haul this time. Apparently, however, Joey had yet another surprise for us. To quote Fr. Mick, "Rocky vs. Heart Condition? 5-0 ROCKY!" Open-heart surgery ends up being his shortest stay yet.

Walking out the past 2 times has been "See yall soon" parting. This time we hope to drop in after a clinic visit, but a long time before he requires their care. As we walked out there were a lot of hugs and cheek-kissing (for Joey, of course! Who can resist those cheeks!?)

It is a beautiful gift to have formed such good relationships with Joey's healthcare team. We LOVE our Children's Cardiac Heroes!


  1. He's so pink! What a wonderful surpise to be home so quickly. It that picture with Bella he looks like a giant!

  2. Congratulations Joey! So glad he is home!

  3. Joey! You're a Children's Hospital success story.