Friday, October 22, 2010

Our Spoiled Baby

It's amazing how spoiled the hospital makes Joey. Before his Cath last month, Joey was sleeping through the night. Kate would stay up a bit late and give him a bottle at 11 or so, and then I'd get up a little early to go to work at 4:30, and feed him then, and he'd sleep until 7 or 8. So through the night being 5.5 hrs, but since we could trade off, it worked. And then he went back to the hospital.

It was an odd stay because he was definitely alert and looking normal, with only an occasional weird cardiac rhythm. And he learned that, at any time, especially at night, he could fuss and get a nurse to come coo at him, rock him, and attend to his every need.

Spoiled boy.

After we got home from the Cath, but before the VSD repair, he added a 1:30 AM feeding to his arsenal... So there went sleeping through the night. We'd trade off nights, and survived. And then he went back to the hospital.

This was also an odd stay, because he did so well so quickly. He was extubated Friday (not 36 hours after the surgery), and in order to extubate, he needs to be alert, so he was already off of the sedation drugs. Normal post-op procedures required that he stay a minimum of 6 days, while he was weaned 0ff of any support by Sunday. So again, he learned that his own slave nurse would come and coddle him, coo at him, feed him, and rock him at his beck and call.

Double spoiled boy.

He has yet to sleep for more than 1.5 hours at a time when not being held.

We love you, Joey, but it's time you remember how to sleep!

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