Thursday, January 13, 2011

MRI: Take Two

Tomorrow, January 14th, is Joey's brain MRI. At least, we hope it will happen this time. The little Guy has a cold yet again, and this time is on antibiotics for his first ear infection. Seems that the kid takes after his big sister with his ears, but with him is seems like such a minor issue. "Antibiotics? Sure, they're easy. Ear Infection? No big deal. He's had worse.

So tomorrow early morning Joey and Mama will be making the trek down to see if he's safe to sedate, and therefore get this out of the way. Having the MRI is really just follow up for the small brain bleed he had while on ECMO, and also to check for any damage after his cardiac arrest. Giving how well he is developing nobody is worried about the findings; this is really just a follow-up to see if there are any concerns for the future and to establish a baseline.

Speaking of development, everyone is SO pleased with our little Rocky! He is sitting up unsupported, and only falls occasionally. Mostly when there's so much activity that he's trying to watch and loses his balance. He reaches for toys and plays a lot. Just the other day I watched as he searched for a toy he dropped, which is a huge milestone! Joey is also obsessed with his toes, which is another good indication on the normal baby timeline.

It is an interesting perspective to know that my son has a few minor delays and to not be concerned in the least. Not at all. He is my Miracle Boy, and every little thing he does is cause for a party. Well, despite the minor delays he has now he is likely to catch up just fine over time. He is still writing his own book, and all we have to do is encourage. It is a beautiful story.

My Happy, Social boy loves to babble! He babbles all. the. time. Sometimes it's hard to hear about the din, but often he will make sure he is heard! He laughs a lot, too, and there is no sound more beautiful than baby laughter!

Please pray for us tomorrow. Joey has rocked the sedation multiple times now without any problem. According to plan he will not even be intubated, but will breathe on his own the whole time. He just has to be very, very still. Then they will wake him up, let him EAT, and we will go home. Sounds so easy, but there are still a few little butterflies that will come later tonight for a Mama who has seen her baby go through so much.

I will update as soon as possible with the results!


  1. Totally praying for you and Joey tonight Kate. He is SO cute!!! Can't he come and live at my house? :-)

  2. Lots of prayers coming your way today!!

    We need to visit soon. I want to see him sitting up!