Friday, January 14, 2011

Strike 2! ...And MRI try 3 upcoming.

One of Joey's issues that wasn't an issue before because it wasn't one of his ISSUES was an issue this morning. Whew.

So I've written before about the three major problems that needed attention: his aortic coarctation (fixed!), his VSD (fixed!), and his stenotic valve (okay for now). One side effect of all of this stuff prenataly is that he has small blood vessels. We've seen this time and time again now, but it was never central to his recovery. I remember waiting in the ER room of our local hospital while the flight staff tried for over 30 minutes to get an IV in his arm before flying him down to Childrens', and when going on ECMO, the cardiac surgeon had to use a smaller vessel to go into his jugular vein because it was so small.

So it happened again today. :) Five nurses and two anesthesiologists couldn't get an IV in him anywhere. ugh. So we have to reschedule. Kate went up and talked with our friends on CICU and HKU, where we've spent so much time, and they told her that we could reuqest a cardiac anesthesiologist team, which would hopefully facilitate the IV since they do it more often!

So thanks for your prayers. They won't go un-wasted; we'll make sure to use them up on something good. :) We'll let you know when it's rescheduled.


  1. Thanks for the update. Hopefully 3rd times a charm! -Nicki H