Friday, September 3, 2010

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Joey is doing so much better today, Praise God! He has really bounced back well in such a short time.

This morning they took out the breathing tube - off the ventilator again! He's breathing pretty well, although a little fast likely due to extra fluid leftover from yesterday. (To raise his blood pressure they had to give him extra fluid during the recusitation.) His eyes are open, looking around, stretching and wiggling like a good little baby!

One of his previous heart medications is no longer acceptable after his arrythmia, so today's big trial is another type of heart medication. So far he has tolerated it well, cardiac-wise, but they're still watching to make sure his heart doesn't start freaking-out again. No more of that, please.

If all goes well they will talk about moving him to the step-down unit possible as soon as tomorrow. :)

My little Chubby Cheeks is eating again, also, although he's taking it slow. It is very common for kids to be a little slow in picking up eating habits after all he's been through. He is happier at least having something in his belly, understandably!

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