Thursday, September 9, 2010

Beautiful, Burping Boy

(classy title, doncha think?)

So, after Joey's sleep study the pulmonologist/ sleep specialist thinks it might be /could be / maybe hopefully reflux. Yup, maybe we've been hanging out on a cardiac unit after my baby was saved on Thursday worrying about arrhythmias because he has acid reflux. I love it. That would be an easy fix!

Another avenue they're looking into is from a neurological aspect - is he having subtle brain disturbances, like seizures. Right now as I type Joey is sleeping happily with 26 electrodes glued to his head. There's a net-stocking covering the wires so he doesn't pull at them, so he looks like those long stocking-cap skiing hats. Or maybe an elf. He's awfully cute, either way.

Still, they're not sure yet. There are so many possibilities that we're just hoping for a clear answer to go home. Today is 1 whole week that we've been here!

Pat's Thought: "Only my son would require $30k worth of diagnoses to come up with reflux..."

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