Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Birthday Boy's Party

Wow did we celebrate! Wonderful family, friends and prayer buddies delighted us by their presence at Joey's first birthday party.

It was a beautiful day at a perfect location. Perhaps the best part was the open area and playground for all the KIDS!!! Actually, we had about 60 kids there. No wonder I didn't get any cake.

Speaking of cake, JOEY loved his piece! Maybe a little sticky at first, but once that taste of chocolate passed his lips, there was no turning back. Actually, I'm not sure in the end just how much of the cake did, indeed, pass his lips. I do believe the majority stuck to his cheeks; they are quite sizable obstacles, you see.

Joey is quite the spotlight-hog; he just adored all the attention from everyone! Watching the kids run around, flirting with anyone who picked him up, and eating everything offered made him a happy little birthday boy.

It was such a joy for us to be able to celebrate with so many wonderful people who have showered bushels of love and prayers on us in the past year, especially in that first 6 months.

As for Joey, with all that happy socializing, I do believe we wore him out!

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