Saturday, June 4, 2011


Dear Baby Joey, today is your first birthday! You are ONE year old!

Has it already been a whole year? Has it only been one year? Mister Joey, your presence in this world has sure stirred up a lot of lives. All for the better, I believe. People love you, Joseph. And looking at your face light up as the center of attention, I would say you love them, too.

You are such a special little Baby. You are charming, delightful, and joyful. Every day I whisper in your ear about how much I love you. You are my perfect gift. You are wonderfully and fearfully made. You are all fair and there is no flaw in you. You shine with the light and Love of God. You remind me of all things beautiful and holy. God made you perfect, exactly the way He intended and I am thankful for that.

This year has been full - of doctors visits and hospitals, of sickness and fear of sickness, of concern and anticipation and braving the unknown. This year has also been full of wonderful surprises - of a few quick recoveries, of smiles, of good doctor reports, of meeting amazing caregivers, of growing and developing well, of belly-laughs and baby babble. We celebrate each day with wonder and awe at a God who loves you, little boy, more than we can ever fathom. My very being could burst with love of you and thankfulness for each precious breath you take.

Our first year together was quite the adventure, and while I certainly hope this next one is a bit calmer, I still would not trade one second of your journey for anything.

I love you, Joseph Thomas. Happy Birthday!

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