Saturday, August 28, 2010


... But not the fun kind, rather the ones that do something important!

The date for Joey's next procedure is this coming Thursday, September 2nd. He's the first case of the day, 8 am, so let's pray that the doctor is a morning person! Maybe I'll bring him a cup of coffee :)

Joey will be having another cardiac catherization with balloon dilation of the aortic valve. (*whew* say that 10 times fast.) He had this done once already, although the last time was much MUCH scarier. Last time the doctor was not sure he would survive, and statistically Joey beat the odds. This time Joey is healthier, stronger, bigger. He has had time to recover from his last surgery, time to grow, and his heart is returning to it's normal size and function. This is much safer this time around, praise God!

I will admit I am a little nervous; he's still my baby. My tiny little baby. I continue to pray for grace and strength, placing him in Bigger Hands. Please remember to keep him in your prayers this week!!!
St. Joseph, pray for him!

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  1. We will certainly be praying! Praying for him and for all of you!!
    Love, Josh and Maria Gehl (and co.)